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 The Seneca Woodworking  Domi-Shim™ is a machined aluminum shim that attaches to the fence on the Festool Domino XL DF 700 and allows centering on narrower stock than was previously possible. This shim allows the Domino XL fence to adjust all the way to the cutter centerline, allowing centering on material thinner than the Domino XL fence's  lower travel limit would previously allow.   This shim can be used with the Domino XL in three ways:  

-By itself, using a rule or setup block to adjust the fence to achieve the proper offset for a variety of material thicknesses, both imperial or metric.

-By itself with the Domino XL fence offset gauge set to "15mm." This creates the correct offset for centering a mortise on 1/2" nominal plywood. 

-With our Imperial Thickness Gauge that allows fast adjustment on a range of imperial material thicknesses.  The Imperial Thickness Gauge and Domi-Shim are available in a set HERE.


The Domi-Shim™ is machined from aluminum, black anodized and laser-engraved. Mounting hardware is included.  


This product is a perfect companion for our RTS-500 Cutter Adapter