7" Moulding Sander Kit With Bracket Assembly DIY

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Current Lead time : Approx 2 weeks

Traditionally, moulding sanders have been very expensive, even though they perform a simple task. We have developed a "Build Your Own" moulding sanding system by using a custom made arbor, along with our sanding mop sheets. The sanding mop sheets are stacked on the shaft to create a 7" moulding sander head. Anyone who has ever used a sanding mop will know just how well this system works. With a bracket assembly(included in this kit), you have a fully adjustable moulding sander. 

Just bolt to a base and supply your own motor. Extra sanding heads are available making grit changes quick and easy.


The Moulding Sander is available in a 120g/220g split (approx 4" of each on the sanding head), or solid 120g, solid 180g or solid 220g.  We recommend 120g for hardwood, 220g for softwood & 180g for anything in between like MDF, birch, etc. The Moulding Sander requires a minimum of 1/2 HP motor with either 48 or 56 frame that runs 1725-1750 RPM, although any motor that runs 1725-1750 RPM will work.  A 3"x5/8" pulley is automatically included in the kit for the motor. Motors can be purchased brand new at Harbour Freight, or any farm supply store. Used motors are often available inexpensively on E-bay, Kijiji, classified ads, garage sales, air conditioning repair shops, auctions or friends garages. We have even on occasion had customers acquire motors for free.