12" Moulding Master Fully Enclosed Trim & Moulding Sander

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Just like it’s sister product the Moulding Sander, The Moulding MASTER is an affordable and highly effective way to sand trim & moulding without removing the detail.  Both the  Moulding Sander &  Moulding MASTER have the ability to sand hardwood & softwood, in between coats, primer, and rough sawn lumber without losing saw marks.  Each head can sand approx. 10 000 linear feet. Both units have sanding heads made with Klingspor’s most flexible j-flex material, and are available in a variety of grits which can be easily interchanged.  A perfect solution for small & medium production shops looking to save time and money.

The Moulding MASTER has several distinct upgrades from the Moulding Sander like the ability to sand up to 12” wide (compared to 7” with the Moulding Sander), a fully enclosed solid steel box with viewing window, nylon brushes to aid in dust removal, adjustable rail guides, and compatibility with most power feeders.  The Moulding MASTER is fully adjustable up & down and can also be adjusted to be on a 15 degree angle which can be helpful when sanding tapered crown moulding.  

Moulding Master sanding heads are available in one solid grit (12”), 2 different grits (5.75” long ea.) each or 3 different grits ( 3.5” long ea.).  One head is included with the machine.  Additional heads are available for easy grit changes.  Most common grits are 120 (hardwood), 180g (MDF, Birch, medium woods) & 220g (softwood).  80g & 320g are also available but may require extra time for shipping.  If you require 80g or 320g please call us to place your order.  

The sander comes assembled with everything needed except the motor and electrical components.  A ½ HP motor (or larger)  that runs 1725-1750 RPM  motor is required.  A larger motor can be used as long as it will fit.  The space between the belt cover & dust port is TBA.  

The sander weighs approx. 50lbs shipped and it is approx. 24” long, 18” wide and 14” high without the motor.