Rikon Model 82-100: 8″ Wet Sharpener

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the Rikon 82-100 8” Wet Sharpener puts a keen edge on a wide variety of cutting tools, without the overheating that can ruin your edge. After grinding, you can reverse the motor and the leather wheel strops away any burrs, and then hones the edge to its final sharpness. Ideal for chisels, plane blades, turning and carving tools, knives, axes and more. A tool holding jig and angle guide are included to make putting the right cutting angle on your tools easy and consistent, every time.


  • Slow rotation speed of 115 RPM prevents overheating the edge
  • 8” vitrified aluminum oxide grinding wheel for efficient removal of tool steel
  • Deep water trough continuously bathes the grinding wheel during use
  • Leather wheel removes burrs and brings the edge to final sharpness
  • Reversible motor lets you strop without having to rotate the machine
  • Support arm allows user to mount a variety of jigs
  • Powered by a 1/4 HP (1.6A) motor
  • Accepts many aftermarket jigs
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