Rikon Model 10-622VS: 22″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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  • Extra large finished steel table measures 25-5/8″ long x 13-3/4″ wide and tilts -30° Left to 45° Right for angled cutting. 36 holes surrounding the main hole for the blade aids in dust removal when the saw is used with a vacuum.
  • Reliable 1.6A, 120V, 60Hz motor with Electronic Variable Speeds allows speeds from 550 to 1550 strokes per minute (SPM).
  • Ideal for setting the best cutting speeds for working a variety of materials – woods, plastics, soft metals etc.
  • Maximum cutting height is 2″. Saw’s cutting up/down stroke is 3/4″.
  • Dust port diameter is 1-3/8″ (35mm) O.D. and includes a 90° Dust Hose fitting attachment.
  • Base to table height is 7-9/16″ (192mm).
  • Optional Stand 13-622
  • Optional Foot Switch 99-600

22” Variable Speed Scroll Saw #10-622VS is designed for making small, intricate curved cuts in thinner woods that are used in making decorative scroll work, puzzles, inlays, and craft items.

The thin, working blade allows the material being cut to be freely turned in tight arcs, unlike any other power saw. The DC motor provides variable operating speeds, so adjusting the blade’s cutting action to different materials is easily done with just a twist of the dial. The saw’s extra deep 22” throat and large steel table give extra access and stability when sawing large projects. Table also tilts left and right for making angled cuts. Machine uses 5” long plain end (pinless) blades. Includes sturdy, all-metal base, adjustable built-in dust blower nozzle, lower dust port with vacuum attachment and blade/tool storage in the base.

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