Record Power Turn Master Jaw Collection

Record Power Turn Master Jaw Collection

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This collection includes the following (4) items;

35mm Std Jaw, Long Nose Jaw, Remounting Jaw Mini - up to 200mm bowl, and Mini Spigot Jaw with 13mm Bore. 

1. 35mm Std Jaw

These jaws are a smaller version of the standard 50 mm jaws, featuring the same dovetail profile in expansion and the superb grip of the hawk beak design on contraction. Designed specifically for smaller spigots and recesses, this set is incredibly versatile and makes a great addition to any turner’s tool collection.
Expansion: 38 - 58 mm
Contraction Spigot: 28 - 47 mm
Contraction Square: 16 - 37 mm

    2. Long Nose Jaw

    These extremely flexible jaws feature internal and external dovetails for bowl work. The deep internal grip is versatile but main benefit of these jaws is to project the work away from the chuck, allowing good tool access to the base of the timber for cleaning and shaping.
    Expansion: 54 - 74 mm
    Contraction Spigot: 38 - 58 mm
    Contraction Square: 27.5 - 48 mm

      3. Remounting Jaw Mini - up to 200mm Bowl

      Remounting jaws are incredibly popular due to their flexibility. They work in both contraction and expansion modes and can be fitted behind other jaw sets to create bespoke setups to make turning more efficient. The soft stoppers are designed to hold without causing damage, making them ideal for remounting finished or partly finished objects for further work.
      Expansion: 95 - 215 mm
      Contraction Spigot: 59 - 170 mm
      Contraction Square: 53 - 154 mm

      To complement the new pin jaws, the mini spigot jaws have also been improved. These jaws perform many of the same tasks in expansion and the extra screw hole profiles and added teeth to the outside provide tremendous grip for when this area will not be visible in the finished work piece. This set has been given a 13 mm internal diameter, making it ideal for turning strong spigots on knobs and handles, again adding to their versatility.
      Expansion: 26 - 46 mm
      Contraction Spigot: 13 - 33 mm
      Contraction Square: 11 - 31 mm