Record Power MIDI Pen and Bowl Collection

Record Power MIDI Pen and Bowl Collection

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This collection includes the following (4) items;

SC2 2.5" Mini Chuck, 1/2 Drill Chuck - 2 Morse Taper, Universal Pen Mandrel Kit 2 Morse Taper, Pen Jaws for Mini Chuck.

1. SC2 2.5" Mini Chuck
The SC2 is a direct-thread M33 x 3.5 chuck and features a larger diameter body than the SC1, at 63.5 mm (2 1/2”), giving larger holding capacities than the SC1.
    2. 1/2 Drill Chuck - 2 Morse Taper
    For drilling accurately through the centre of the workpiece on the lathe, there is no better option than a drill chuck. Designed to hold drill bits, expansive cutters, Forstner bits and other hexagonal shaft bits. They can also be used in the headstock to hold small work such as pen blanks, thanks to the precision made engineering jaws, which ensure a central grip.
      3. Universal Pen Mandrel Kit 2 Morse Taper
      This mandrel accepts any size mechanism. A 7mm drill bit is also supplied for boring blanks. Supplied with PBS1 7mm bushes.
      2 Morse Taper.

      4. Pen Jaws for Mini Chuck

      To complement the new pin jaws, the mini spigot jaws have also been improved. These jaws perform many of the same tasks in expansion and the extra screw hole profiles and added teeth to the outside provide tremendous grip for when this area will not be visible in the finished work piece. This set has been given a 13 mm internal diameter, making it ideal for turning strong spigots on knobs and handles, again adding to their versatility.
      Expansion: 26 - 46 mm
      Contraction Spigot: 13 - 33 mm
      Contraction Square: 11 - 31 mm