Pin Jaws for Mini Chucks

Pin Jaws for Mini Chucks

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Another of the most popular jaws for full size chucks – these are also ideal for smaller chuck projects too. We have set the range of these bodies to be compatible with most tea light holder designs (on either body) as well as many salt or pepper pot designs and these offer an excellent expansion grip for many projects. The end of the jaw
is dovetailed so can be used on its own as a delicate grip – or the jaw can be inserted full length using the back jaw face as a register and providing wall support to prevent the workpiece being knocked from a dovetail only grip. The dovetail at the end provides additional security in expansion mode.


Expansion: 39 - 47.5 mm
Contraction Spigot: 6 - 14.5 mm
Contraction Square: 4.5 - 12 mm


Expansion: 40 - 58 mm
Contraction Spigot: 6 - 26 mm
Contraction Square: 4.5 - 25 mm