ParallelGuide System for Festool and Makita Track Saw Guide Rail (Without Incra T-Track)

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The Seneca Woodworking Parallel Guide System is a set of precision-machined aluminum components that mount to your track saw guide rail and enable the making of consistent sized repetitive rip cuts.  The Parallel Guide System acts as a rip fence/rip guide for your track saw, multiplying the speed at which panels can be cut to size with speed and precision.  This system works with both Festool and Makita brand track saws. 

To make a cut, simply set both stops to the width of the piece you want to cut,  locate your guide rail on top of your workpiece using the stops as a reference then make your cut.    

The Parallel Guide System comes with two sets of stops.  The Rail Stops allow ripping of material wider than the guide rail. The Narrow Stops can be positioned under the guide rail,  all the way to the kerf, making it possible to accurately and repeatedly rip stock with very narrow dimensions, as they adjust all the way to the kerf (0").   We've designed both sets of stops to quickly adjust from the top side of the system and to and directly read off the scales. 

The Parallel Guide System uses Incra T-Track Plus as one of its major components. This system requires you purchase Incra T-Track Plus. Incra products are available at many woodworking supply shops and this allows you to expand the system if you need more cutting capacity. Note that when buying retail packed Incra T-Track Plus, the scales start at 0" on one end and a portion will have to be cut off if you would like the scales to direct-read from the kerf.   Seneca Woodworking also offers this system packaged with two 24" lengths of T-Track Plus that have custom scales pre-installed so they're ready to use out of the package with no modification required.  If you're looking for this system,  please ask about availability.

The major components of the system are precision machined from aluminum and anodized black.  

Included in this set:

  • Two (2) Rail Brackets (for attaching Incra T-Track Plus to the Festool or Makita guide rail)
  • Two (2) Adjustable Rail Stops
  • Two (2) Interlocking Narrow Stops (adjustable from the top of Incra T-Track)
  • Two (2) machined "slider mount" adapters for attaching the Narrow stops to the T-Track
  • all necessary knobs and hardware


We sell this system two ways:  with 24" lengths of Incra T-Track Plus (which allows a cut width of up to 31") and without the T-Track Plus (if you already own T-Track Plus and prefer to use your own).     Our system packaged with the T-Track Plus comes with custom imperial scales cut to read accurately from the guide rail splinterguard / kerf. If you would like to purchase additional longer T-Track Plus, ask for availability.   Incra T-Track Plus  is available in lengths of 18", 24", 36", and 48"

 Our system will allow you to rip material to a width equal to the length of your Incra T-Track plus an additional 7" (this accounts for the additional width of the guide rail and the portions of the T-Track that are "lost" because the Rail stops need something to clamp on to).   So for example, with a pair of 18" Incra T-Track's you should be able to make rip cuts up to 25" wide.