MicroMag Stop Block

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Introducing the lastest innovation from Mastodon Tools....
The MicroMag Stop Block!
This magnetic stop block will attach to any cast iron table instantly turning the machine into a precision instrument.
Use it alongside the Little Ripper for perfectly accurate and repeatable cuts. Only needs to be adjusted once! Place it against a fence on a router table, shaper, bandsaw or tablesaw and turn your standard fence into a micro adjustable fence! Works on any machine with a cast iron table.

-precision thread allows for
adjustments as small as 0.001”
-engraved stainless steel scale
reads at 0.05” and 1/32”
-scale reads 1/8” and 0.05”
beyond 0 to compensate for
different blade thicknesses
-over 50lbs of magnetic holding
-thread lock to prevent unwanted adjustments
-fits universally on every cast iron topped machine
-as a stop block it never needs to be readjusted unless you are changing width
of cut
-100% Made in Canada and USA