Machine Stands for Scroll Saws

Machine Stands for Scroll Saws

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Machine Stand especially designed for Scroll saws.

Three legged steel welded stands take up less than one-third the floor space of conventional four-legged stands and never need leveling. These stands are especially designed to absorb vibration inherent in scroll saws, and they are powder coated for superb, long-lasting finish.

*Please Note:  If you are ordering the stand only (or without the saw), the stand does not automatically come with the bolts to attach your Hegner saw.  Please see Stand Bolts to order the Bolt Kit separately.

Stands Specs for Multimax models:

  • Standard stand is 31½” high. Weight 32 LBS.
  • footprint measurements: front 17.5" W x 17" D
  • Short stand designed for chair height is 20¼" high. Weight 27 LBS. (Special Order)
Stands for Polymax:
  • Standard stand is 31 1/2" high and weighs 35 lbs.
  • Short stand designed for chair height is 20 1/4" high. Weight 30 LBS. (Special Order)

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*NOTE: Bolts, which originally come with the Saw package, are not automatically included with the stands and must be purchased separately. (part# SB&W $3.00, includes 3 Bolts & 3 Washers except for Polymax, which requires 4 bolts, 4 nuts and 12 washers.