Little Ripper Sawmill Package - Cut Up to 8' (3-4 week lead time)

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*Currently a 6-8 week lead time on this item*  Units will be shipped in the order they were received. Placing an order secures your place in line. 

Have you ever wished you could own a sawmill? Now, any bandsaw, with the addition of our Little Ripper Sawmill package can be milling logs up to 8’ long'. The best part? When working with a friend cutting logs it would only take 2-3 hours to pay for the unit! This tool will practically be paying you to use it.

Sawmill Package includes 2 Little Rippers (to be held together using log) with height extensions, 2 - 4' extension tracks and either Universal or Round Rail style set-up . This set-up can be used to mill logs 14” diameter to 8' long.