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This is a very different drum sander than the traditional drum sander. Our V-drum and Flatmaster Drum sanders sand from the bottom up instead of the top down therefore eliminating sanding through the sawdust that has already been removed. This unique sander is also the only sander that we know of the does not create static, therefore eliminating saw dust remaining on the wood or other material, leaving a clean surface. The third and most important aspect of our drum sander is that all other sanders rely on the user of the machine deciding on the correct pressure to exert on the back of the sandpaper with either a pad, plate, or drum.

Our sander relies on a perfectly flat top and the paper lifting off of the drum. Yes, lifting off of the drum. Because of these sanders using hook and loop and the high RPM of the drum, centrifugal force pushes the paper off of the drum and allows the hook and loop to tighten up, creating an air gap under the paper. This air gap allows for cool sanding. No longer will sandpaper load up when sanding paint, varnish or glue and it will also sand resinous woods like maple, cherry or pine without burning. This is a truly useful wood working tool for both the professional and the hobbyist, for flat sanding and edge sanding, also useful for glass, granite, aluminum, steel, and plastic.


Unique Features of the V-Drum and Flatmaster Sanders -

1. No clips needed for holding paper. VELCRO brand hook and loop is used for changing paper - simply unroll one grit and roll on another.

2. On longer drums use two or three different grits at once.

3. Klingspor brand stearate coated paper will sand pine, paint and even nails without damaging the sandpaper, a savings to the user.

4. Sandpaper used on the V-Drum is less costly than the clothback paper used for commercial units.

5. The drum is made form polycarbonate tubing which runs cooler and eliminates static. With no static on the drum, dust won't stick to the paper. Instead it drops down into the box, allowing for easier dust collection.

6. With the use of fences and hold downs, the drum works much like a jointer.

7. Centrifugal force is a key element. Firstly it lifts paper off the drum creating an air gap. The air gap prevents the drum from creating heat, which in turn helps paper to last longer. Secondly, centrifugal force means it takes less power to run the "V"-Drum as the drum is not forcing the paper into the wood.

8. Depth of cut is changed by switching the grit of sandpaper. If you want to cut more use a coarser grit, but to cut less, use a finer grit, etc.

This is our most popular size of drum kit. This unit can easily be constructed by the hobbyist or the professional woodworker. This basic kit includes a 24" x 4" diameter drum, suitable for any cabinet maker or furniture builder, 2 bearings, 2 - 3"x5/8" pulleys, 2 - 3"x10yd rolls of sandpaper, 1 in 100g and 1 in 180g and a dvd plan on how to build the unit. The 4" diameter drum allows for a feed rate of 20' per minute. We have a wide range of sandpaper grits available for wood from 60 grit to 400 grit and up to 1500 grit by special order for polishing. The 24" and 30" drums require a minimum of 1/2 HP motor with either 48 or 56 frame that runs 1725-1750 RPM, although any motor that runs 1725-1750 RPM will work. A 3"x5/8" pulley is automatically included in the kit for the motor. If you have a motor with a 1/2" shaft please specify at the time of your order and the pulley can be switched. You can switch the pulley at a later time, but additional charges will apply. For a motor that will work with this sander click HERE. Motors can be purchased brand new at Harbour Freight, or any farm supply store. Used motors are often available inexpensively on E-bay, Kijiji, classified ads, garage sales, air conditioning repair shops, auctions or friends garages. We have even on occasion had customers acquire motors for free. Make sure to watch our online demos and check out the FAQ's for more information. 

V-Drum Kits are a great solution for customers outside of North America.  Why spend a lot of money to ship the Flatmaster when you can buy the kit and put that money into building a very nice box and top?  Contact us for International shipping rates & services.

DIY Plans Here