Camvac 90L 2 Motor Extractor

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The CGV386 has an impressive capacity of 90 litres. The cyclonic neutral vane theory technology draws the waste into the drum with great force and directs it around the outside edge, keeping the filters cleaner and allowing the waste to fall to the bottom of the drum.

The lid features a low-noise-output motor exhaust design and when the optional 2 1/2" diameter hose is fitted, the sound of the motor can be directed away from the machine, greatly reducing noise in the workshop.

Low Noise Output

CamVac machines are probably the quietest high-pressure-low-volume (HPLV) dust extractors available. The motor exhaust and cover design effectively reduce noise during operation, with tests showing sound levels as low as 74 dB on a single motor model. When the optional 2 1/2" hose is fitted to the motor exhaust, this can be reduced to approximately 68 dB, making them the ideal option if neighbourhood noise is a concern.

Three-Stage Filtration to 0.5 Microns

The drum filter and motor filters give three-stage filtration for fine dust, using two washable cloth filters and a paper filter system. The 0.5 micron filtration makes them ideal for use with fine dust and other materials hazardous to health.

Cyclonic Inlet

All CamVac models feature a unique cyclonic inlet system, which draws the waste around the side of the drum and away from the filters and motors, increasing their lifespan.

Bayonet Inlet Fitting

The machine inlet features a bayonet fitting, allowing for fast and easy connection of the extraction hose to the machine. Each machine is supplied with a corresponding bayonet hose fitting, which has a positive, secure and tight fit around the hose. Additional bayonet hose fittings are available.