HEGNER Multimax 14E Single Speed 14" Precision Scroll Saw

To scrollsawing purists, the Multimax 14E is the quintessential HEGNER Precision Saw.

Of all current HEGNER models, this machine is the closest to the original HEGNER design, with whom it actually shares many features and components. Dollar for dollar, the Multimax 14E (aka Multimax-2) remains one of the purest cutting machines available.

Its 14" throat is ample for many classic scrollsaw projects, and its thickness capacity of just under 2" easily handles even multiple layers of the 1/2" and 3/4" material most commonly used for typical scrolling. (On the other hand, if your interests extend to either very delicate work such as marquetry, or very thick or hard, exotic woods, or even beyond woods to plastics and/or metals, a variable speed HEGNER would be a more appropriate choice.)

The 14E's powerful single-speed induction motor is linked directly to the sawing frame with high-performance, maintenance-free anti-friction bearings to provide highly reliable and versatile performance, able to handle a wide range of projects with high levels of comfort and control. A 45-degree tilting table adds the ability to saw a full range of bevels, and an automatic, built-in sawdust blower is also standard equipment. 

Most importantly, the Multimax-14E uses a pure, unadulterated "perfect parallelogram" sawing action, keeping the blade perfectly vertical while moving it slightly forward on the sawing downstroke, and returning it an equally minute distance back on the returning upstroke. This action is a cornerstone of the unique HEGNER cutting "feel" that has gained so many thousands of fans around the world, and it makes this machine very enjoyable to use. Just as important, this action is largely responsible for both the smooth action that reduces work piece lifting and chatter so remarkably, and also for the superb finish left on the sawn edges, which in many materials can actually appear polished and require no sanding whatsoever!

In the thirty years since HEGNER Saws were introduced, hundreds of experts and even more importantly, tens of thousands of satisfied owners have confirmed HEGNER technology and performance as the world-wide standard of the industry. Choose a HEGNER Multimax 14E, and you will own a saw regarded as the most consistently precise, accurate, reliable and smoothly finishing scroll saw available in its price range.

HEGNER scroll saws are known for easy blade installation, long blade life, superb cutting control, smooth and quiet operation, accurate sawing, smooth edges without sanding, and unsurpassed reliability. And now the Hegner 14E comes standard with the new Hegner Sawdust Management System which gives you the choice of either blowing the sawdust off your cutting line, drawing out the sawdust into a separate dust collection device, or using a combination of both, giving you a clear view of your cutting line whenever the machine is running.

The Hegner Multimax 14E was chosen by Better Homes and Gardens WOOD magazine as the editor's choice Top Tool in 1996!


HEGNER mainframe parts are crafted from cast iron to provide optimum strength and dampening characteristics, while the light alloy arms afford complete control with minimal reciprocating weight. As a result, HEGNER saws are known for being smooth and quiet. Just as important, their unique blade motion lifts the work less than a typical scroll saw, so using your HEGNER is more comfortable and relaxing than working with a lesser saw. You don't have to hold the work down as hard, so you can saw comfortably for hours, and the reduced friction also increases blade life as well as the quality of your cuts!


This quick-release tension rod is now standard on new Multimax 14-E models.  (A heavy-duty version is standard on our commercial production model, the Polymax.)
The further good news:  this part is easily retrofitted to earlier 14" and 18" HEGNER Multimax models which lack a quick tension-release mechanism.  If you own a Multimax-2, Multimax 14-E, Multimax 14-S, Multimax 14-V, or a Multimax 18-V without the front tension-release system (1993 and earlier), you can instantly upgrade your saw to add this highly desirable feature!
This new tensioning system simply replaces your old nob-style rod, and takes only minutes to install.  
Set tension exactly the same way as with your old tension rod:  it can be loosened or tightened even with the machine running at full speed.  But instead of uncranking and then re-tightening the knob for each blade change, you simply flip up the lever to fully release the tension, change the blade, then just flip the lever back into horizontal position to apply tension, and you're good to go!