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A precision double-sided diamond bench stone 6 inches x 2 inches.  (DWS/W6/FC)
  • Complete with cleaning block and non slip mat.
  • Ex-fine 1000 grit (15 micron) and coarse 300 grit (50 micron).
  • Guaranteed for five years when used with Trend Lapping Fluid.
  • Recommended use with Trend lapping fluid to prevent clogging or rusting and assist in keeping tools clean.
  • Fine finish achieves a razor edge suitable for all carving tools, incuding woodturning inserts and carbide tips.
  • Precision flatness substrate gives the ability to also sharpen spindle knives in house.
  • The fine grit is suitable for a finish suitable for carving tools.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Cleaning block
  • 1 x Non slip mat