CamVac 150L 2.7HP Wall Mount Dust Extractor

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-573cfm @ 4"(measured with Protmex Digital Fan Anemometer)

-81" max static pressure

Made in the UK

This compact wall mounted dust collector has a large 150 litre capacity and is ideal for serving extraction systems in smaller workshops. The waste is collected in reusable bag which is fitted to the exterior of a strong steel cage to retain its shape. The cyclonic neutral vane theory technology draws the waste into the drum with great force and directs it around the outside edge, keeping the filters cleaner and allowing the waste to fall to the bottom of the bag.

The lid features an acoustic outlet for the motor - When the optional hose is fitted, the sound of the motor can be directed away from the machine, greatly reducing noise in the workshop.

Acoustic Outlet
The acoustic outlet effectively reduces noise during operation when the optional 2 1/2” hose is fitted. 78 db without 2 1/2" hose or 68 db with. Super quiet!

Three Stage Filtration
The drum filter and motor filters give 3 stage filtration for fine dust. Filters down to 0.5 microns! Far better than a standard single stage dust collector.

Cyclonic Inlet
The unique cyclonic inlet directs the waste away from the filters and gives excellent suction. This helps keep both the cloth and paper filters clean.

Individual Vacuum Motors.
2 x 1.33HP motors. Use one with small tools(handheld sander, router etc) or both with larger tools(tablesaw, planer etc). Due to the vacuum motors being at the end of the system you never need to worry about damaging an impeller. Feel free to suck up nails 
and chunks of wood without damage!

Optional floor stand available.

Now includes ZAMV 6.5' of 4" Dust Extraction Hose