Round Ripper & Sliding Track Package (2-3 week lead time)

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*Currently a 5-6 week lead time on this item*  Units will be shipped in the order they were received.

Cutting circles on a bandsaw had always been a VERY difficult and dangerous job. Stockroom Supply has solved these problems with our newest tool, The ROUND Ripper. The Round Ripper is a circle cutting jig that works on any bandsaw, allowing you to cut perfect circles. It is the only circle cutter available that holds the wood at two points, both top and bottom, allowing it to be one of the safest and most accurate applications for your bandsaw.

One of the biggest issues with traditional circle cutters is the stress it puts on your blade and bandsaw. The design of the Round Ripper only allows users to put pressure on the front of the blade, allowing your blade to last much longer while at the same time not wearing on your bandsaw. This new addition to the "Ripper" family is changing the way woodworkers think - which is pretty much the case for most of Stockroom's products. Combining innovation with simple thinking The Round Ripper just makes sense.


  • -Keeps hands clear of the blade
  • -Supports wood from top & bottom -Wood doesn't need to be flat on one side, fully supported off the table
  • -Cuts a perfect circle every time
  • -Center points on top AND bottom of blank. Great for mounting on a lathe
  • -Will handle a 16" square blank(larger if corners cut off) and 7.5" thick
  • -Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • -Made in Canada
  • -Kit includes - Circle Cutting Unit & Sliding Track