Rikon Model 70-1420VSR: 14″ x 20″ Midi VSR Lathe

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14” X 20” VARIABLE SPEED MIDI LATHE 70-1420VSR is the largest benchtop lathe in the RIKON line of machinery. This upgraded model gives woodturners increased spindle-to-bed height so that larger diameter work can be done. The addition of 3 machined surfaces to mount optional extensions increase the working dimensions even further.

Use the headstock’s outboard threaded spindle and optional 13-1/2” Extension (70-903) to add 4” of extra turning diameter capacity.
Mount this same extension to the front of the lathe bed, and with the remounted tool rest the outside edges or backs of bowls and platters can be safely turned. Lastly, the right bed end of the lathe is machined to attach the optional 13-1/2” or the longer 24” extension (70-904), for increasing the working distance from 20” to 44” for spindles.

• Increased Spindle Height for creating greater diameter spindles, bowls and platters.
• Lathe Bed Has Machined Ends and Front for Adding Extensions to Increase Turning Capabilities
• Powerful 1-1/2 HP DC Motor
• Magnets on Back of the Control Box Allow it to be Placed Anywhere Easily Accessible to Turners for Quick Controlling of the Lathe Speeds or Emergency Stopping.
• Machined Bed and Matching Components give Precise Alignment
• Ball-Bearing Construction for Smooth, Precise Spindle Operation
• Adjustable Locking Handles Keep Components Positioned Securely
• Pivoting Belt Cover for Easy Access when Changing Belt Speeds
• 8” PRO Tool Rest Features Hardened Steel Top Rod to Provide Extra Control of Tools When Turning

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