Little Ripper and Sliding Track Basic Package (2-3 week lead time)

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Have you ever wondered what treasures lay waiting to be discovered in the firewood pile, or dreamed of building something out of that special apple tree in the backyard? The problem most likely hasn't been figuring out WHAT you would would do with it, but figuring out HOW.

This problem has been solved with the creation of The little Ripper. The Little Ripper is a mini-sawmill that will fit on any bandsaw and allow you to mill almost any logs into boards, all while working in the comfort of your own workshop. Designed specifically with the craftsman in mind, this product is not only affordable, but it's also one of the safest applications for your bandsaw.


Features of The Little Ripper

  • Prevents blade drift
  • Use common yard trees (ie: lilac, crab apple, birch)in your projects
  • Logs, burls and crotch wood can be gripped securely
  • Cut quarter-sawn lumber and book matched boards
  • Adapts to many shop tools (works in any 3/4"x3/8" mitre slot)
  • Accessories increase log capacity to 14" dia. and 48" length The Little Ripper's maximum diameter is 7" and maximum length is 24". With a height extension the maximum diameter is 14" and maximum length is 24".
  • Optional Angle Cutting Base available - This innovative attachment mounts to the bottom of the Little Ripper and allows it to cut any angle. Table is pre-marked for 15, 22/5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5, 75 * 90 degrees, but can be set to cut any angle. 

The Universal Track is designed to be used on bandsaws that do not have a round fence rail.  This track allows the Ripper to be more easily used on a bandsaw. The Sliding Track is also compatible with the Round Ripper. Make sure to watch the Ripper videos on Youtube.