Round-2-it Faceplate System

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The revolutionary Round-2-it Faceplate system combines 3 tools into 1! It can be used as a faceplate, spike drive, screw drive or any combination of the 3.

The Round-2-it features an interchangeable center. A center pin, screw or cone point may be installed. The center pin is the same that is used on our Simple Circle Cutter and the screw is the same that we use on our Round Ripper. These allows for easy centering if you have made the bowl blank with either of our circle cutting jigs.

Along the outside of the 3.5" diameter there are 8 holes, 4 threaded and 4 counter sunk. These can be used to tighten the drive spikes or #10 screws attached to the blank.

The back of the Round-2-it is machined to fit standard 2" dovetail jaws. The CNC machined body will center and reference perfect on your chuck and not introduce any vibration.

Made in Canada