Ridge Carbide Triple Play Dado Box Joint Set TPDS84

Ridge Carbide Triple Play Dado Box Joint Set TPDS84

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Triple Play narrow 3/16" Dado cut and Box Joint Set Preforms 3 tasks

Cuts a perfectly flat bottom 3/16" dado groove.
Cuts 4 perfectly flat different box finger joint grooves 1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8" - 7/16"
Cuts metric grooves for undersized plywood and melamine for drawer bottoms.

Cut a clean narrow flat 3/16" grooves with the grain on plywood and both with and cross grain on solid wood for cabinet making, particularly cutting grooves for backer boards or drawer bottoms and 4 box joint grooves.
The Triple Play comes with two 20 Tooth outside saw blades one 1/16" and one 1/8" chipper and shim set for minor adjustments due to varying plywood manufacturer thickness spec.

Traditional Standard dado sets cannot cut a narrow 3/16" dado. The New Triple Play Dado Cuts a 3/16" Dado in 1 pass. Cuts 1/4"-5/16"-3/8"-7/16" Box Joints. Cuts the under size groove for metric plywood draw bottoms.