Sanding Disc FAQ's

I have trouble removing my sticky discs from my sander. How can I remove them more easily?

If you seem to have difficulty removing a sticky disc, try warming it up with a hair dryer before peeling it off. To eliminate this problem altogether, try switching your sander to the hook and loop system.

I was thinking about switching my disc sander from sticky discs to hook and loop discs. How do I do this?

You can very easily convert your existing PSA sander to the convenient Velcro brand hook and loop system. Available in any size (from 2" to 12") these hook and loop conversion discs are backed with a premium adheasive that adheres to almost any clean surface. By placing this simple little device on your sander, you are instantly able to begin using hook and loop discs. You will find this system much easier and much more convenient.

The discs on my orbital sander keep flying off. I think I need to replace my pad. How do I do that?

You can replace just the hook portion of your sander without buying a whole new head. Once you have a replacement disc, you need to remove the used disc. When this disc is removed, wash pad with lacquer thinner before applying the new disc. If the used disc will not come off the backing pad, you must use a razor blade scraper and scrape the little back hoods off and then sand smooth. (turn your sander on and sand a piece of sandpaper) Wash with lacquer thinner and apply a new disc.