HEGNER Multimax 22V Variable Speed 22" Precision Scroll Saw

The HEGNER 22" Variable Speed saw features a large 22" capacity to handle virtually any project size, the unique Quicklock tension release system to make fretwork and inside cuts extremely easy, the 400-1700 RPM variable speed motor, dual-tilt slotted table, plus all the other features that make HEGNER a breed apart from all other scroll saws. This saw comes with a manufacturer's seven year warranty!

In the thirty years since HEGNER Saws were introduced, hundreds of experts and even more importantly, tens of thousands of satisfied owners have confirmed HEGNER technology and performance as the world-wide standard of the industry.

HEGNER scroll saws are known for easy blade installation, long blade life, superb cutting control, smooth and quiet operation, accurate sawing, smooth edges without sanding, and unsurpassed reliability. And now the Hegner 22-V comes standard with the new Hegner Sawdust Management System which gives you the choice of either blowing the sawdust off your cutting line, drawing out the sawdust into a seperate dust collection device, or using a combination of both, giving you a clear view of your cutting line whenever the machine is running.

The Hegner Multimax 22V was chosen by Better Homes and Gardens WOOD magazine for their original "Idea Shop"!

HEGNER mainframe parts are crafted from cast iron to provide optimum strength and dampening characteristics, while the light alloy arms afford complete control with minimal reciprocating weight. As a result, HEGNER saws are known for being smooth and quiet. Just as important, their unique blade motion lifts the work less than a typical scroll saw, so using your HEGNER is more comfortable and relaxing than working with a lesser saw. You don't have to hold the work down as hard, so you can saw comfortably for hours, and the reduced friction also increases blade life as well as the quality of your cuts!

400-1700 RPM Electronic Variable Speed control with maintenance-free, sealed induction motor
 Hegner Quicklock front tension release for quick blade change
Heavy duty ribbing in table casting assures that table remains perfectly flat for the life of the machine
 Rear tension rod allows you to adjust tension even while sawing